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    I’m writing a page, got halfway through and decided I wanted to add an image. I click on the ‘add an image’ button. Instead of opening a window to choose, it navigates to a new page. I go through this, add a photo, and then insert into post.

    It sits there, acts as though it’s going somewhere then ends up with a blank page. What is going on? I have 2.7.1 installed, no fancy plugins, why doesn’t this work like it used to?


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    Browser? Have you tried using another browser? Another machine?

    I tried Opera, FF3, IE7.

    It literally moves to a new url to add the media. Incidentally, it does add the image to the media library (gallery), but doesn’t put it into the post itself.

    This does it with posts, as well as pages.

    I looked through various other posts on here and made sure my wordpress url was lower case.



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    It’s the fact the the Media interface opens in a new window that bothers me. I suspect that’s the root cause of your problems – the current focus is no longer on your post/page – hence the image can’t be added.

    Do you have any active plugins? If so, could you try deactivating them in case one of the plugins is causing a conflict or error?

    I tried deactivating them all, no dice. Still opens new page.

    I’ll try a full reinstall next I guess!

    I’ve reinstalled the blog and still no luck with this.

    One thing I noticed though, when I mouseover the button to add the photo I get this url:

    On another blog of mine, where the add an image link works, I get this url:

    Ahh found the problem, an errant jquery bit of code, conflicting. Resolved!



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    Cool! What bit of code was the problem?

    It was in the theme i was working on. I was using jquery without setting noconflict.

    Jbbrwcky, Can you tell us what theme you are using and the whereabouts of the errant jquery code and the fix?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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