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  • Hi, I was searching for a TOC plugin that is intended to ease the Writing process.

    while in your plugin we have the nice option to select a class/ID, in most cases it will be the class .entry-content which is used for Posts in WP, while the main purpose of using a TOC is related to that kind of content. But it’s pretty nice to have that option for other specific situations.

    Unfortunately, as explained in that thread too, All TOC plugins seem to miss an essential point. Serious blog posts are followed by related posts, which are in most cases inside the same container of the post, being .entry-content in our case.
    This lead to unwanted content in the TOC and makes it immediately useless.

    For that purpose it would be more than appreciated to be able to add an exclusion rule for such unwanted container. This could be useful in many cases and will make your plugin 100% customisable in terms of content.

    Waiting to read you soon, giving a possible ETA for that.
    Best regards.

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  • Hi, anything new on this issue please ?

    Hi there, can you please give this request the time it deserves. I can’t use this plugin if it’s not solved.

    Plugin Author James Kemp



    Sorry for not getting back to you on this. I’ll look into adding an exclude selector. For now, you can get around it by using the “headers” parametor, and adding a class to each heading (like ‘heading’). Then it will only include headings with that class.

    Hope this helps for now.

    Thanks for the answer, and I would say mmh, yes but no… If I’m right this trick would need that the blog writer would have to add classes to each header while writing. If that’s the case it’s not a serious suggestion for writers who don’t have to care about coding.

    Let me know if I missed something, otherwise waiting for your updated exclusion param. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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