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  • I’ve been using the Iris colour picker for a while, although there has always been something missing – alpha. I’ve muddled through in the past, but my current project demands alpha.

    So maybe not as a default, but it would be useful to literally billions of people (approx) if there was an option to allow for the selection of alpha, and in turn output formatted as rgba() (where appropriate).

    It seems, sadly, that those behind the Iris project have no intention of adding such a feature, citing in more than one thread that there is no demand for it, which seems utterly bonkers. Several users have attempted to contribute with what look to be perfectly valid solutions, but they are always rejected.

    Therefore I request one of two outcomes –

    1. The addition of an alpha slider to the Iris colour picker, allowing for output of either rgba() or #hex depending on the users input.
    2. A new colour picker that allows for the use of alpha out of the box.


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