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  • Hi

    Is it possible to have additional lines on the tagline.

    I want to have our slogan followed by a telephone number for Virginia and a telephone number for North Carolina. For example;

    If It Crawls Give US a Call!
    Virginia: 757-382-0102 or 757-729-1744
    North Carolina: 252-480-2889 or 252 453 3693



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  • Use the

    If It Crawls Give US a Call!<br/>Virginia: 757-382-0102 or 757-729-1744 <br/>North Carolina: 252-480-2889 or 252 453 3693


    Thanks for this.

    When I did that it showed up on the site once publishes as this;

    If It Crawls Give US a Call!
    Virginia: 757-382-0102 or 757-729-1744
    North Carolina: 252-480-2889 or 252 453 3693

    Any other thoughts?

    Sarah, I thought that was what you wanted in the Opening post?

    You can keep adding lines using <br/> though it will make the Header very large if you keep adding several lines.

    If I’ve misunderstood original post, let me know.


    That is what I want, but what I mean is it’s showing the code. So the
    tag appears in the header. Does that make sense?

    Ah I see when I copied it it didn’t show the code! That’s where the confusion has come in I think!

    @sjjump74, can you set this as Resolved please. (Dropdown in right sidebar) Helps monitoring what problems are still outstanding.

    it’s not resolved! when I do what you suggest, it shows the code in the text that I want to say. So it shows tit exactly as
    “If It Crawls Give US a Call!
    Virginia: 757-382-0102 or 757-729-1744
    North Carolina: 252-480-2889 or 252 453 3693″

    Does that make sense? It doesnt put the breaks in.

    Arghghh it’s done it again here. Because I am putting the
    in tags its putting the breaks on this page, but not on my site where I am putting the tag line.

    Sorry! I too get frustrated with trying to add code into this bbPress!

    I’ve just tried it again and it seems OK to me on my test system. I’m now going to patronize you, so my apologies! I’m trying to help 😉

    Have you included the ” at front & back of the Tagline? This would explain the < br/ > displaying as text. (I’ve added the 2 extra spaces to avoid our bbPress problem).

    The Tagline entry should start off with I, include the spaceless < br/ > at the breakpoints and end with 3.

    I literally cut & paste the entry in my first post and it worked.

    When I go to the Customize part of the theme, ie the place where you enter your tagline, it will let me enter the text as you say. I did a straight copy and paste and it worked. However when I then go to my live site the code breaks are still there on the home page, and all the other pages.

    Can I confirm that you are Save & Publishing the changes? And making changes directly to the live site? If a test site, how are you deploying to the live site?

    Perhaps you could send me a link to your live site?


    Hi yes I was publishing to live site. But because its put the code in the tagline Im not comfortable having it on the live site because its not showing correctly. The site is but you wont see the change in the tag line because i changed it back.

    I think the confusion comes from the fact that it looks correct on when previewing in the admin area. But the site itself still displays the code – the br/ code is saved in the db using special html chars for the left and right brackets.

    To make this work, change parts/class-header-menu as follows.
    Find the following:

    <h2 class="span7 inside site-description"><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></h2>

    Change it to:

    <h2 class="span7 inside site-description"><?php echo wp_specialchars_decode(esc_attr(get_bloginfo( 'description' ))); ?></h2>

    Keep in mind that without further code changes, if you add those br/ lines to the tagline, it is also going to show those in the image title box when you hover over your logo.

    You can see an example of the tagline displaying as you like and the problem with the image title at a site I am currently working on –


    I found the class-header-menu and changed the line you suggested. I then went into the tagline part of customizr and entered the text I wanted include the < br > code. Once published and looking at the live site the code < br > still shows up. I’m at a loss!

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