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    This is really a fantastic plugin – I’m super impressed with it, I do however have some questions before I consider upgrading to the Pro version.

    I cant seem to find a way to add an additional column between columns without deleting everything until that column. So if I have columns 1 – 5 setup and need to add a column between column 2 and 3 – I dont see an easy way to do that. I would suggest some sort of sorting be added or drop and drag feature that allows you to sort the column order.

    And I think that if the laptap, tablet and phone columns were in 3 tabs it would be easier to manage.

    Not being able to sort the columns or add additional columns in between columns already setup for me is a deal breaker. Too much repetative styling too.

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    Thank you for using WooCommerce Product Table!

    Sorting among columns is very much available. You can simply drag and drop the columns as you please. So you do not have to delete any columns to add a new one in between!

    You can also shift the position of the columns using the up and down arrows at the top right of any column’s settings. Just create a new column and shift / drag it into position.

    Also, you can use the duplicate button at the top right of any column and then empty out the duplicated column and use it as a new column.

    Another button for adding columns in between is already in the works for the next version of the plugin.

    Lastly, I would also like to recommend checking out the plugin tutorials here:

    The plugin lets you drag columns between the devices as well, which is why all the devices are part of the same vertical layout instead of separate tabs. This makes it easier and simpler to just duplicate a column from one device and drags that duplicate to another device’s columns section. This will be harder to figure out if tabs are used.

    Rest assured new changes are coming to the next version to enhance the columns editor section and make the experience even smoother.

    WCPT PRO receives updates more frequently and sooner so the upgrades will land there first, much earlier, when completed.

    I hope this information was helpful! If you have any further queries please let me know.


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    Thanks for getting back to me – but truly there is no way I can drag and drop columns – If you say so then it must be – do you think this could possibly be a JS issue, perhaps incompatible with some other plugin.

    Also is there any currency switcher that you know of that works with this?

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    1. Yes, an existing JS issue on your site due to an external factor can cause the plugin feature to not work.

    2. WCPT is generally compatible with a variety of 3rd party WooCommerce extensions. WCPT PRO is compatible with many more (see list). Please try out your choice of currency switcher and in case of any issues write in to the support email above.


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