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  • Hello @wysija,

    From what I can tell, the options for the “Newsletter task scheduler (cron)” include a custom scheduler implementation that runs on every page load.

    Those of us with larger websites would prefer to run these cron tasks outside of user page requests and we have configured WP_Cron accordingly.

    At very least, please provide the necessary hooks to customize our own Cron Trigger methods, or a separate endpoint that *we* can use to trigger the task scheduler through a local cron job and local HTTP call in cases where neither provided option is ideal. (We use EC2 and cannot use the other method according to your documentation.)

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  • Jack K


    Hi there @deltafactory,

    That is indeed correct and that’s an interesting request, makes perfect sense. MailPoet 3 now doesn’t use the standard WP_Cron system anymore like MailPoet 2 did. But there definitely looks like a use case for a custom cron implementation.

    Be interesting to see if any other users comment with the system suggestion. 🙂

    You are also correct about EC2, unfortunately Amazon don’t allow background processes to be run consistently which is what the other method relies on.

    @jack-kitterhing, would you happen to know which aspect is incompatible with EC2?

    From my understanding, we customers purchase the raw computing time from AWS and should be able to do with it whatever we want. I know there are exceptions related to potential abuse, specifically outgoing email traffic. I would also understand regulated connection timeouts through ELB or CloudFront.

    A long-running, self-contained process seems like a very common use-case. It’s a *weird* use of a single PHP request that may require special configuration of the PHP configuration, but that’s something that’s infinitely more configurable on EC2 than in other “managed” VPS environments primarily intended for web traffic.

    BTW for my purposes I cloned the Cron Trigger class, added a DOING_CRON check, and made sure it loads prior to MailPoet’s implementation. It’s an ugly hack that hopefully won’t be needed for long.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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