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  • Resolved wyhteagle


    I’m building a It Support Achievements website. In short, funny achievements to pass the time in dealing with the average end-user.

    To do this I’m wanting to use the Achievements plugin.

    And Buddypress with the use of bbpress forums.

    In order to post a topic in the forums, you’ll have to choose an achievement from a list. Than you’ll basically be telling your tale of how you got said achievement.

    No here the issues i’m having.

    Instead of the default submit button to post a new topic in bbpress I want to use the Achievements “Redeem Achievements” plugin and pass both the topic submit function and the Redeem Achievements Function at the same time.

    I found where to change the submit button from bbpress, and I’ve found the form for the widget in the achievements plugin. But it appears the calling of the functions for achievements is a little odd (Or I’m just not used to the way wordpress is setup for calling shortcodes and functions). I can’t for the life of me get it to work the way I need.

    Any help would be great. Please let me know what you want me to post

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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    So the redeem achievements feature works on a user entering an achievement unlock code.

    How exactly do you envisage tying the forum reply together with this? Sounds interesting, and if you could walk me through how this is going to look like and work, I’ll see if I can help.

    Thanks for responding Paul.

    So the end goal is to this:

    As Tech Support professional, we do a lot of things in a day that well… shouldn’t be possible or that we feel we should get some credit for, an example: use a 100 foot network cable for a 1 foot connection, I have a lot already posted on the site you can see, and maybe 100-200 more I’d like to post.

    What I’d like to see this website become, is the user telling their story of their “Achievement” and have other reply/comment, and become a great social networking opportunity.

    Eventually adding a up/down voting/rating system.

    How this should work (at least in my head):

    I go to the “Post topic” screen and set my title and tell my story. Before I’m able to post that topic, I’ll need to choose the Achievement I’m claiming. This should be a drop down menu, or a radio option ( Radio option could make for a very very, long list.) and than click the submit/redeem button. This would do two things, A) post the topic to the forums B) Unlock said achievement showing the beautiful popup screen you’ve made for this achievement plugin.

    I’ll also need to be able to keep the stacking achievements in some fashion, example: IT 101 – close 50 tickets by having the user Reboot.

    I’ve thought hard about how to do that backend programming for this, and I just don’t think I’m doing it the right way. This is why I reached out to you hoping maybe you’ll be able to assist, or at least point me in the correct direction.

    This design of a website could move into other categories, like Parenting achievements, Mechanic Achievements, Ect.

    Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me.

    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    * Look at DPA_Admin->add_profile_fields() to see how to use dpa_has_achievements() to get a list of all the achievements.
    * You’ll need to hook into a bbPress ‘submit topic’ action as the place to then grant the achievement to a user. I suggest using the action “bbp_new_topic”.
    * Use the dpa_maybe_unlock_achievement() function to award the achievement to the user.

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