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  1. surfsup74
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I have used mediatags plugin to enable me to tag my images. The plugin create a taxonomy called 'media-tags'.

    I am using Advanced Custom Fields plugin to add an additional field to the 'Edit media tag' page. This additional field is used to add an image. This means that on the 'Edit media tag' page I now have 4 fields; 1/ Name, 2/ Slug, 3/ Description, 4/ Add image.

    On the front-end how do I display a list of taxonomy terms (media tag items) with their associated thumbnail? I'm guessing I need a loop that gets all the terms that are children of 'media-tags' and also their thumbnail image.

    The 'media-tags' taxonomy is created by the plugin. When I hover over it on the drop-down menu it says 'taxonomy=media-tags&post_type=attachment'. This info may help?


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