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  1. koostamas
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    My goal is to allow the visitors to add a comment together with an image from a predifined list of available pictures. I would upload these images in advance somewhere in the site.

    As I have not found a plugin what would do this for me... I have the following idea:

    What about placing an instruction on how to select an image from the list on the page itself. So, there would be a .php (like selectable.php) file, placed in front of the "Leave a comment" section...
    In this file, after the instructions, I would place the little images, what may be selected, and next to each of them a short code to be copied into the Comment.
    This short code would contain the <img> tag to insert the image of the choise of my visitor.

    What do you think? Would it work?

    If yes, how may I do it? (I have very little knowledge of php programing...)

    Thanks, and greetings,


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