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  • Is it possible to add a photo/s to an existing photo gallery? Or do you have to completely re-upload everything every time you want to add or remove a photo?

    Is it possible to create a gallery out of existing photos already in your media library of photos?

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  • I came here looking for the same thing.
    I have an existing gallery.
    I want to add one photo to it.
    It seems – as far as I can tell – that I will have to search through my library to find all the other photos and re-create the gallery, just to add this one photo. Or I could simply type in the photo id to the shortcode … if only the id was not hidden somewhere difficult to find….

    Am I missing an “add to existing gallery” button?


    OT: I like the drag and drop, but the rest of this “new and improved” media inserter thing is rubbish. The other was far more convenient and easy to use.



    I’ve also discovered if you upload an image when you have a post open with a gallery, the new image will automatically be added to the gallery when clicking through the attachment pages, but not appear in the thumbnails or in the gallery editor, the only way to remove it is to completely delete it all together.



    Also, even though you can upload additional photos and rearrange the thumbnails, the attachments still click through in the order they were uploaded, not the order which you arrange them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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