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  • My site requires that I upload a pdf file once a week. However I would like to make the process as easy as making a new blog entry.

    So idealy I would like a form in the dashboard that required
    * the title of the pdf,
    *and an upload file field.
    So it was just 2 clicks to add the pdf file.

    Maybe even have it so it was in the dashboard menu as Announcements with an Add new submenu. Is this possible with wordpress??

    How would I go about writing a plugin so that I could make this possible?

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  • You could create a new post with the title you want, and use the built-in file uploader to attach the PDF to the post. Is that kind of what you had in mind?

    I know that option is possible, and most likely what I will have to resort to. But I would like to make the process a lot simpler for my client. And I have some good php programming experience, so I was wondering if I were capable of programming a plugin, that would create a form (similar to an Add New Blog form), that only had title and file fields.

    Is this easy to do with Plugin Programming?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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