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  • Hello, i want to know if its possible to add a new page with another theme; i thinks its like a templete. But really i dont know how to do that.

    I want to add a new page that have defined like template another installed theme. I hope you could understand my question.

    Thanks in advance. RaDians.

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  • How MichaelH, its a great plugin; but its not what im looking for.

    What i want is a little diferent; its to apply a theme to a new-page, not to a new category.

    When you create a page, it inherits the format of the main theme, I want to select the page format from another theme (not from the default theme). Is this possible?

    thanks in advance.

    Don’t know about a plugin for that.

    If Page Templates, where you could have a different header/footer/sidebar won’t work for you, then maybe hack that plugin to change themes based on Pages.

    sorry i dont understand you very well. Really i dont know so much about develop; do you think its possible to do that? or it could be to much complicated???

    Not sure how complicated it is. Maybe ask the plugin author of the themed categories if he/she would modify it to fit your needs.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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