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  • Hi guys

    It’s me again =) Sorry to trouble you.

    I am still struggling a bit with my website, no surprise given that I am more or less a complete noob when it comes to webdesign.

    Anyway here is a screenshot of my problem. Cant provide the link as its not online yet.

    What I want to do is add a verticaly aligned menu in the header area with different options, such as sitemap, language selection contact etc..
    I want to place it at the location where i put in orange item1 etc. but I cannot seem to manage to edit that part of the website. Does someone have an idea?

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  • Essentially its a vertically aligned header top menu. But i cant figure out how to change the alignment from horizontal to vertical.

    + Is it possible to include widgets as menu items? For example through widgets on page?

    hi Yosh1,

    yes the solution is easy (several solutions as mostly)..

    tryout via widgets:

    first, create this custom menu go to APPEARANCE -> MENU..

    then, go to WIDGETS and throw a custom menu widget in your “header right” widgetarea..

    select the newly created menu and have a look on your site..

    it will look a bit weird, but no worry, now you will need some CSS to make it fit into your site..

    let me know when you are that far and send a screenshot, i will guide you how to finish this then 😉

    cheers, konrad

    Thanks for your help. I figured it cannot be that complicated 🙂

    Heres the current state of affairs:

    As you can see, some things are still fishy.
    1. The custom menu consists of only 3 items (research news, contact, case studies) the home item is automatically added by the theme (same way as in the “normal” menu). It also, contrary to the other items, is aligned horizontally instead of vertically.
    I do want it to be in the normal menu, but not in the top menu. Is there a way to do this?

    2. The german /english item is a qtranslate widget which I have also put into the header right widget area. As you can see it has a different distance to the other menu items. Any way to get this to be the same distance?

    I do appreciate your help sincerely and wish I had a more solid understanding of css 🙁

    Hi Yosh1,

    sorry for the late reply, try this here:

    1. Go to Theme Settings -> Menu and look for the option to show/hide the menu item..

    If this works, its still a bug and would be great if you report back..
    ** I couldn’t even reproduce this issue so far..

    2. The flags – why not set the text via CSS to display: none ?
    Then you should have just the flags left, which is easy enough to understand what it does, or not?

    Anyway, when this is uploaded somewhere and you can send a link I can helpout with 1-2 CSS snippets to correct this.. 😉

    Let me know, have a great weekend, konrad

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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