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  • i came to these forums seeking help on a problem i had when something got added to a code and i was unable to get into the site via wordpress to fix it after many frustrating hours someone stepped up and helped me via skype. he was banned for this. First i would like to say he never once asked for a dime. Two he was helpful and helped me resolve the problem. Three he offered to help again if needed.
    He should not have been banned he should be an admin for your site because he def knew how to fix the issue.
    what alot of sites fail to understand is its easier to talk about the problem person to person than to sit here and type it out to each other especially if one of those persons is unsure of themselves and what they are talking about.
    my suggestion is add a help line so people can call for help alot of issues get resolved faster and better results this way.
    also the moderators are too remove post happy. i thank someone and it gets removed and im asked to post the solution why wasnt a moderator willing to offer help instead of worrying about those willing to help? or a solution? especially when i couldnt tell you word for word how he helped me fix it i didnt write it down i did it as we went. i personally am a hands on guy you tell me how to i get in there and do it. but not everyone is a writer and can explain word for word how to do something let alone have the time to do it. I can understand banning if someone is trying to make money off you for help. but i can tell you that wasnt the case and his ban should be removed. If there were more people like him in this industry would be a better easier thing to deal with. Please make a call center help line or a online chat with techs . there would be less headbanging against the keyboard going on and keyboards would be much happier

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  • Moderator Andrew Nevins


    Front-end developer

    Let’s address this misunderstanding of what WordPress is first.

    WordPress is just software. WordPress was developed out of people’s free time and is supported out of people’s free time. is a resource for supporting this software. Nobody gets paid here. There is no helpline, there is no organisational infrastructure.

    The beauty of WordPress is its community made from extremely nice and generous people who take time out of their day to help others out. For what? For a good feeling? Who knows, but it’s definitely not because they are paid for it.

    Regarding bans – Please read the Mod Watched or Banned section of the forum welcome.

    We do not allow sharing of credentials for obvious reasons.

    A reason why we encourage volunteers to keep support within these forums is to keep the solutions within these forums. is intended to grow with the community, grows by those who share their issues and solutions here. Support is to be kept within the forums for everybody. It is non-beneficial to the community if it is dealt privately.

    We are not anti-professional, we understand that some users need level of support provided by professionals. That is why we advise you seek help at . was also not intended to be used to promote one’s paid or non-paid services. That is frowned upon.

    The general rule is: Listen to moderators. They have been made moderators because they have been and are actively contributing towards the WordPress community. Their decisions always consider the community. Moderators take action to improve the community.

    Don’t moderate moderators, that’s what other moderators and administrators are for.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    @kalel0227? Your posts are getting deleted because you’re arguing with a volunteer moderator.

    That’s really not a good idea. Andrew already explained in detail (that was a good reply Andrew) why a “help line” isn’t something that’s an option here.

    There are commercial entities out there that will provide you with paid support. That’s not for these forums and I’m closing this thread.

    If you have a support question then please feel free to start a new topic. If you want to continue arguing this point then you’ll risk having your account banned.

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