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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to find some kind of plugin that will add a custom field to each post,I would like to have a extra box in my post menu so I can put the link of where I found the information on the post.So under the authors name it will display “”

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  • Disclaimer: I have only written half a plugin in my life.

    What you can do is use the Custom Fields section in the Write Post page to add “metadata” to a post. For example, in the Key field I would write Source, and in the Value field I would post the source URL or bibliography.

    You can then write a plugin that uses the get_post_meta() function to see if a particular post has Source metadata and use the the_content hook to display the source at the end of the post.

    I’m sorry for sounding intimidating, but I don’t know of any plugins that do that. Actually, the half-plugin that I’ve written is called “Match Scores” which does a similar thing (plugin unpublished at the moment). It adds a form to the Write Post form and prompts for football team names and scores for a match. It then hooks into the_content and format the scores nicely.

    If you like, I can send you a copy of what I’ve written in the plugin so far and maybe even customise it for your purposes. If you’re interested, drop by me at and send me an email if you have a Wikipedia account, or an IM if you don’t.

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