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[Resolved] Add a custom default image to each RSS source

  • Hi Allen,

    Congratulations on a really great plugin. There is just one thing that I am hoping you can please help me with as an early Christmas present!

    I would really love to be able to assign a set image (determined by me) for each RSS source, so that every time I pull content from a specific website it shows one image specific to that RSS source.

    So for example, if I subscribed to 5 different RSS feeds, the RSS feed on my website would show 5 separate image thumbnails for all the RSS posts that are imported.

    From a user point of view, the easiest way to do this would be to add an ‘image upload’ option next to each source in the ‘Feed’ tab in the admin panel. However do please let me know if there is an easier alternative to implement this functionality.




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  • Plugin Author Allen


    Hi Jamie
    Thanks…so are you saying that you want an image to the Feed (not the articles in the feed) as a default, or you want a default image for each article in the feed – which then raises the question if the article has an image, you want to override it)?

    This will help me determine if I can provide you with an early Christmas present.

    Best wishes,

    Hi Allen,

    Wow, amazingly quick response, thank you!

    Basically it would be one image that would then appear automatically for each article associated with the RSS feed source.

    E.g. if I was pulling content from PR Week’s RSS feed, I could upload their logo as the image and then every time one of their articles pops up in my RSS feed the viewer will their logo appear alongside the article extract.

    So, yes, even if the article has a featured image it would be good to override it in theory.

    However, if this is more time consuming to code and it is easier and quicker to amend the existing plugin code so that it continues to search for the RSS article’s featured image first and then just deploys a default image for that specfic RSS source as a fallback if there isn’t a featured image, then that would also work. In reality I know that the RSS feeds I am going to be adding don’t include images so it would achieve the same thing.



    Plugin Author Allen


    technically, this isn’t hard..but it would require a bit of programming and until I add something like this to the plugin, it would have to be hard coded and not that flexible – but would work in the shortterm. How about this, contact me at

    and what I would need to know is how many many different feeds you are going to use. Also, upload images for those feeds that you want to use into your media library and send the urls to me (these are the urls of the images in your library).

    I may be able to get you something much later today or sometime this week.


    That is amazing, thank you! I will email you with details.



    Plugin Author Allen


    This ability was added in version 2.53

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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