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  1. yvanobi
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi everybody,

    i have a questions for you guys
    i just come to start my theme and i'm still not a pro of wordpress and barely knows PHP. so i was trying to display projects ( as posts ) with a single background of each of them like in this following example i found online.

    this example
    ( clic on a project, you will see that the background on the wrapper is hand-writed in the <style type> )

    So i tried this method on this post but it doesnt seem so user friendly, because you have to write each condition so if you have 20 pages, its annoying.

    I wanted to find a way to custom the CSS of a certain container ... and if the magic could work : threw WP admn panel ... and if the magic was more shiny to make it id related so if my post ID is "pouet" and my image name "Pouet" to find it itself.

    I know i ask a lot ! but i'm trying :)
    btw, i found plugin like that

    that seems nice but im afraid the wordpress evolve and not the pluggin and im stuck with something that doesnt work anymore.
    Anyway, thanks people !

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