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  • I was wondering if any of the great nextgen gallery hacks came close to this feature.

    Basically I am looking to add a “Add to Favorites” to each image in a nextgen gallery and the favorites for that user would be saved to a “favorites” gallery.

    If there is no nextgen hack, might there be another plugin that does this function?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • are you able to get solution ?? I also need somethng like “Add to Fav” in nextgen..

    Hi there. I also needed this for a good client of mine and couldn’t find it anywhere. He wanted to use it sort of as a user friendly way for clients to “proof” pictures. So the idea is that you create a gallery, then put it on a page, then password protect that page and send the client a link and password…and then they can favorite the images/photos they like or want prints of.

    Here it is:

    Let me know if you’d be interested in getting this mod or adding any features to it. We could give you the source files and install it for you for $25. I had to pay the coder, so I’m still a little in the negative…otherwise, I’d charge way less! If you know of others that need it I’ll drop the price to $10 if we find 5 buyers!

    Thanks for the heads up. I might consider this.

    Do I need to be logged in to work the demo in the link you provided?

    No you don’t need to be logged in to work the demo.

    We actually wanted to make it super easy. So the idea is that you can use the “Add New Page” feature when creating a new Gallery, which puts the gallery on a WordPress “Page” and that allows you to password protect that page or make it part of you membership pages or whatever (assuming you would need to show it to only logged in members).

    Very easy. The “Add to Favorites” in light gray is the state by default and once clicked the star will turn to yellow. We can add any features and develop it more, but that’s pretty much all we and my other client needed.

    I’m going to see if this is a solution for what we need and if I am interested, I’ll be in touch next week.

    Thanks for the demo!

    One question for you- can a user login and see the images that they have marked as a favorite?

    Yes, user should be able to see favorite images after login..But I have started my own custom coding and created simple code for adding images to user’s favourite and showing them after login..

    I’m in need of this functionality as well, anyone find a resource or still have the code available? Thanks in advance.


    I am looking for a similar plugin, did you find the solution to your request ?

    Regards !

    No luck here, but my time is running out and I need to find a resolution soon. If you find something, please post…much appreciated!

    Sorry for my late reply, a member of this forum showed me a solution, it is not WordPress, but it will be surely work.
    Take a look at this thread:

    HOpe that is was helpful !


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