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    Was wondering how difficult it would be to incorporate 403 errors into this plugin. I wouldn’t need it to to go to a different page. I’m just looking to wrap both 403 and 404 errors into the same error page.

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  • Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    Out of the box that does not work. 403 error are not handled by WordPress. 403 means “forbidden”. This error is sent by the server if you’re not permitted to access the directory or file. This is a file permissions issue not a WordPress issue.

    To handle 403 errors with WordPress you’d have to change the .htaccess file to tell your webserver which page to display in case of an 403 error. Off course you can point to a WordPress page there. This could be your 404 page. So you can use the 404 error page also as 403 error page. No plugin changes required.

    You get me?


    Absolutely. I went ahead and modified the htaccess to point to the same page as the 404 Errors. I hadn’t realized that your plugin was dealing with WP only, and not the htaccess file.

    Sorry to bother. Thanks for the great plugin!

    Plugin Author Peter Raschendorfer


    Glad to hear, you solved it!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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