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  1. kubante
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hello to everybody,

    I am looking for an answer to this for hours.. It must work somehow...

    What I have:

    an author page displaying my user's posts

    What i would like to have in addition:

    an author page displaying my user's posts with meta, for example my user's favorite posts.

    Now that's easy no? yes it is, I already have both loop queries working fine. I know how to display my user's favorite posts on a specific page template.

    What i would like to accomplish now, is to be able to define a sort of a new template file for my user's favorite posts.

    Instead of mysite.com/members/kubante (showing kubante's posts)
    I would love to have something like mysite.com/favorites/kubante (showing kubante's favorites)..

    Do you have any idea how I can accomplish that? Am i simply overlooking something basic?

    Any help really appreciated.


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