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  • Hello there,
    I am a newbie to WordPress and have a quick question.

    I want to import 3 of my blogs(on different subjects) from blogspot into my own site run on wordpress.

    The developing site is
    Couldn’t find a way to import more than one blog and direct these blogs to different tabs in the home page

    I hope my question is clear else pls visit and it might make more sense. I can see the complete list of my other blogs in the import blog area but didn’t want to mess the existing setup up to do this.
    I want to make sure that the second imported blog comes to the second tab and so on…


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  • WP Voyager


    Okay, here is how it works.

    First, each of the “tabs” on the navigation bar are links for “Pages” (i.e. WordPress Pages, articles with static content). When you create a new page, it creates a new link in the navigation bar.

    Second, to keep three different blogs separate on a single WP install, you might be able to use Categories. If you assign a different Category to each of the Blogs, they will have a degree of separateness. If you need Categories within the sub-blogs (i.e. certain posts in one blog are about different subjects), you can create those categories, and then assign them as child categories to the Master Sub-blog Category.

    Third, to call them from the navigation bar, you will need to do some sort of coding. Don’t worry about it, it shouldn’t be that hard. There are plenty of resources out there that will walk you through the process. One approach would be to modify a Page (WordPress “Page”) to list all the posts in one category, repeating the process for two more pages so that you have a page assigned to each category. Another approach would be to modify your header.php file to include links to the three category archives in the navigation bar. You can specify the link in the anchor tag, and name the link anything you want.

    I hope I didn’t overwhelm you with all this information 🙂
    If I didn’t make myself quite clear about something, post back and let me know. I can provide more information to take you through the process.

    –MindBlender 3D

    WP Voyager


    By the way, I’ve just found a plugin that allows you to use a page as a link without hacking your theme files:

    This way, you can point the page to the category archives and have those three separate blogs on different tabs.

    P.S. You still may have to do a little bit of modification to make sure that the posts do not become mixed on the home page. The easiest solution would be to change the Home page to a static “Page”.

    What would be way easier is if Word Press just had some option where you could CHOOSE the page you want each post to be on as you create each post… Oh but that would be way too simple wouldn’t it…

    WP Voyager



    Oh but that would be way too simple wouldn’t it…

    Yes, it would be too simple! Pages aren’t really supposed to work like that. Pages are supposed to be just that, pages with static content. Most normal blog users will have just one blog, not to mention that this set-up is the standard as far as blogs go. IF a person wants to be creative and set up something that will be more complicated than the default, then expect it to be more complicated to set up!

    Seriously, the WP developers have made this pretty easy. It could be WAY harder to add this functionality. It is a good thing that WordPress allows you to do some extremely hefty modifications to its post-displaying mechanism, The Loop.

    It is comparatively simple using the Category method to display only certain posts. You might have to go out and define your OWN MySql query (talk about more difficult…)

    Fortunately, you do have people like myself, who are willing to help you through the customization process for free, and plenty more who can give you more personal help on a professional basis.

    To conclude, if you want complicated features, expect to do some complicated set-up. If you don’t want to cope with complexity, I would suggest using the default arrangement (i.e. one blog per site)

    Thank you for understanding,
    MindBlender 3D

    Dear MindBlender,
    Thanks for your information,
    I do understand the logic of how you have suggested to separate the different blogs in a way by using categories as a filter.

    And I also got my answer that there is no straight forward way to do it,
    My Home page is indeed a static page and currently all my new posts go to the page – First blog.

    Since I use Tags in Blogs the categories as a function are not used right now, so I can use it to create 3 different categories and provide links for these 3 categories in the header as 3 different blogs. As I understand this is what you mean.

    I will look around some more as I am not that comfortable editing the PHP etc yet. I will come back to you once I have researched a bit more and am clear on how exactly do I want to do it.

    Thanks a lot for your response and I appreciate the time you have given.

    BTW, Off topic: if you haven’t already check out the site


    WP Voyager


    @flowerheart: You’re welcome!

    Yes, I know, it is kind of difficult to find out that there is no straightforward way to do something that you really need to do. But, then again, it is nice to know that there is a way to do it at all!

    I am not that comfortable editing the PHP etc yet

    That’s okay, there is a wealth of information on this site (and others) that will tell you all about it. If, at the end of all your research, you find out you are not the web developer kind of person, that’s alright. There are many people out there ready to help you with your programming/markup needs. If you need to, feel free to post a job request over at . That’s where you want to go so that people can easily find your request, and you can easily find theirs.

    BTW, Off topic: if you haven’t already check out the site

    I’d love to, except that my internet filter won’t allow me. Don’t worry, It’s nothing personal and has nothing to do with the content of your site. Due to the controls set up on my computer, I can only visit sites on a set list. Since I am using my parent’s internet connection, it is only fair. Oh well, what can I say? I’ll just do my best to help you with what I can find out.

    Thanks, and Good Luck,
    MindBlender 3D

    WP Voyager


    WP Voyager


    Wait! Here’s another way to do it…


    They are designed to work together, and it looks like they do exactly what you would require.

    Note: each of them do require small tweaks to two theme files, but the changes are (apparently) minor, and the plugin author has step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

    Mind Blender,
    Thanks a lot for the plug ins and your help,
    I have a quick question following up on your earlier suggestion.

    I like the IDEA of using categories and want to create tabs on my header file based on these categories. Very smart idea, with a degree of seperation just enough to get this working as simply as possible.

    For exp, I have 2 categories now on the site
    each with their own permanent link an URL,
    Books >

    My question to you is how do I add these two categories into my header page so I see different tabs ?
    That also leaves me with having to delete the original page where current posts are published by default books365

    My head is cracking ,
    Good night guys, I will wait for a response, Cheers



    I got that ,
    Just read through your message very very Carefully ,
    Thanks Mindblender 🙂

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