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  • I can’t seem to find the file to add a after the <!–more–> (read the rest) file in the themes area. Is this file located in WordPress itself? If so, what file would it be? On the home page, we have set WordPress to show only anything before <!–more–> and now we want to add 1 line space before the “Read the rest” line.

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    it works for me like this, when inserting it, but I have to add I never use the visual editor thing.

    Same here. I just type a hard-return in the Write Post area, before I put the <!–more–> code.

    By doing that, users will see more spaces where the hard return was set around the <!– more –> tag in the full page. In addition, that will also happen when the feed is pulled to a reader.

    It’s just not a good idea to mess with the content body. Someone must know the whereabouts of the file that controls this. Anyone?

    Can you give the “more” or “read more” a class? or set to an unused tag, like h6? then in the css add padding or margin as needed.

    best to use something you have control over.

    Why don’t you read the docs before jumping in…?

    Sure enough, you could try that technique

    You can style the text in the tag, too.

    <?php the_content('<span class="moretext">...on the edge of
    your seat? Click here to solve the mystery.</span>'); ?>

    Then set the moretext class in your style.css style sheet to whatever you want.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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