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  • I was checking out the “Your Ad Here” link and noticed that the cost per click on the Adbrite ads for this site is about 69 cents. An overture bid tool search ( of some appropriate keywords (WordPress, WordPress hosting, blog hosting) turned up prices starting at about 10 cents (for “WordPress”) and running up to about 78 cents (for “blog hosting”). This is not a complaint but whoever’s in charge of these ads might want to tinker a bit with the pricing and see if you can sell more. Of course, the cost per click could change after the ads have been running longer.

    Given the number of comments I’ve seen on here from people proud of themselves for blocking the ads, as an advertiser I would also be worried about click fraud advertising here. (I’m still personally considering advertising here because it’s a double payoff – get the ad and support the product. )

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  • …and ill block it with adblock


    That’s sure something to be proud of.

    I was thinking to register for AdBrite as a Publisher. But I figured out that the registration page is a NON-SECURE page!

    And they ask you to provide with your Tax ID – Social Security Number and all the personal information on a NON-SECURE page.

    I talked to a customer rep. at AdBrite. He told me that “transmission is secure even though page is not secure”.

    I didn’t understand how come a transmission would be safe if the page is not safe.!!! If the page is not safe, doesn’t it mean that someone else may see the information that I provide?

    Am I wrong about my concern regarding the security of AdBrite?

    BH, this is between you and Adbrite – it has nothing to do with WP. Take your questions where they belong.

    Yes, Moshu that may be true. However, that is why he posted it in the “Miscellaneous” section. The section that does not need to partain to WP.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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