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  • I have been looking for a way to deal with adblock users for a while now. I have found plugins which block access to the site, send users to a page where they are given a request to turn it off, and even plugins which claim to outright disable the plugin.

    None of these options strikes me as particularly useful. A user does not want to be hassled, and neither do I when I step onto a showroom floor. One cannot approach the culture surrounding new media with the methods employed in old media. That is ineffective, antiquated thinking.

    What I am hoping to find, and asking if anyone knows of such a thing, is a plugin which detects adblock users. But, instead of diverting or outright blocking them from accessing the site, I would like it to put up a pleasant message in the space the ads would have been. For instance, in an adsense banner, instead of seeing nothing, a visitor would see something like “This site relies on ad dollars for hosting. Please consider disabling adblock ” in that same space. No hassle. NO blocking. No forced decision pages. Just a simple message where the ads would have been and, otherwise, the site functions as normal.

    Does such a thing exist? Is it even possible? I feel like this is a good compromise that permits users to have control of their experience while giving businessmen a chance to make their case amicably.

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