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    Hi guys

    I’m trying to get images to adapt to mobile devices on my blog – I’ve installed your plug-in, activated it and saved the settings. The .htaccess file change reported as successful and the cache folder’s been created and I can see it being populated with files. However, the resized images are not being delivered to mobile devices, for example:

    I’ve tried disabling the Yoast SEO plug in, and setting the CDN support option, but neither have any effect. I’ve generated the debug info below in case it’s of use. Any help appreciated. Cheers, Jason

    Adaptive Images Settings
    Debug info
    ✔ PHP GD library is installed.
    ✔ Image cache directory has been created.
    /home3/nc30part/public_html/home/wp-content/cache/adaptive-images => drwxr-xr-x
    ✔ Installation .htaccess file is setup OK.
    /home3/nc30part/public_html/home/.htaccess => -rw-r–r–
    ❖ Adaptive images settings dump:
    array(12) {
    array(3) {
    string(21) “cache/adaptive-images”
    array(2) {
    string(18) “wp-content/uploads”
    string(17) “wp-content/themes”
    string(6) “0.6.61”

    Adaptive Images Settings
    System information
    Web Server
    Document Root
    PHP Time Limit
    PHP Memory Limit
    PHP Post Max Size
    PHP Upload Max Size
    PHP Max Input Vars
    PHP Display Errors
    PHP Error Log
    MySQL Ext/mysqli
    MySQL Table Prefix
    MySQL DB Charset
    WP Multisite
    WP Debug Mode
    WP Site url
    WP WP Home url
    WP Permalinks
    WP home path
    WP content dir
    WP plugin dir
    WP content url
    WP plugin url
    WP Locale
    WP Memory Limit
    WP Max Upload Size
    WP Active plugins
    VaultPress v.1.8.6 by Automattic
    Adaptive Images for WordPress v.0.6.61 by Nevma
    Advertising Manager v.3.5.3 by Scott Switzer
    Akismet v.3.2 by Automattic
    All in one Favicon v.4.5 by Arne Franken
    Audio player v. by Martin Laine
    Cookie Law Info v.1.5.3 by Richard Ashby
    DirtySuds – Embed PDF v.1.04 by Dirty Suds
    Download Manager v.2.9.44 by Shaon
    Enhanced Text Widget v.1.4.5 by Boston Dell-Vandenberg
    Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position v.1.4.5 by Press Wizards
    Google Doc Embedder v.2.6.2 by Kevin Davis, Dan Lester
    Google-Maps-GPX-Viewer v.3.6 by ATLsoft, Bernd Altmeier
    Instagram Feed v.1.4.8 by Smash Balloon
    Lightbox Gallery v.0.8.3 by Hiroaki Miyashita
    Lightbox Plus Colorbox v.2.7.2 by Dan Zappone
    MailChimp for WordPress v.4.0.13 by ibericode
    MapPress Easy Google Maps v.2.43.10 by Chris Richardson
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) v. by
    Smart Archives Reloaded v.2.0.5 by scribu
    Social Media Feather v.1.8.3 by socialmediafeather
    TinyMCE Advanced v.4.4.3 by Andrew Ozz
    Twitter v.2.0.1 by Twitter
    Widget Logic v.5.7.2 by wpchefgadget, alanft
    Wordfence Security v.6.3.1 by Wordfence
    Yoast SEO v.4.3 by Team Yoast
    WP Post Navigation v.1.2.3 by Anas Mir
    WPFront Notification Bar v.1.7 by Syam Mohan
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin v.4.4 by Adknowledge
    YouTube Channel v. by Aleksandar Urošević
    WP MU plugins
    v. by

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  • Plugin Author Takis


    Hello, my friend,

    Thank you for using our plugin and reaching out to us!

    May I ask how you reached the conclusion that resized images are not delivered to mobile devices? From my tests so far everything seems to be working alright:


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    Hi Takis

    Many thanks for taking the time to help me.

    The images in your screen shots are cut (vertically) roughly in half. This is the same thing I’m seeing when I use my phone to access that page in portrait mode, or if I use Chrome’s emulator. If you open the page in a full-scale browser you’ll see the images are much wider than they show in a mobile view.

    If you can help any more, that would be much appreciated.

    Cheers, Jason

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    Plugin Author Takis


    Hello, Jason,

    I see what you are saying, but this is not an issue related to our plugin. This is the way your theme’s CSS is handling these images in order to adapt -as gracefully as possible- to all screen sizes. I can tell you it is a tricky thing to do!

    Our plugin delivers resized images, so that one can dramatically cut down on download times, regardless how these images are used in one’s theme. It is the theme’s job, with its CSS, to render the images in the desired manner.

    In layman’s terms: the images are there, with their aspect ratio intact, and they are correctly resized, but the theme cannot show all of it: and

    Also, if you right click on the image and choose View image you will see that the image is there in whole for yourself.

    Let me know if I can help you with anything more.


    OK, many thanks Takis for looking. Cheers, Jason

    Plugin Author Takis


    You’ re welcome!


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