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  • Hi Antoine,

    I was curious as to whether or not you feel your plug-in/code might be adaptable to American Football if you are familiar with American football at all .. and if so any suggestions you might have to making the necessary changes to your plug-in and where to start … ? feasibility? difficulty?

    I’ve attempted to draw some preliminary parallels but initially it seems it may not be possible …
    I’m working on an NFL draft website at the moment … my partner is the coder and I am business rules …
    the 4 base metaphors I’m reviewing are teams and team players(the draft prospects) and fantasy football players(fans) and betting(for prizes etc) – there would be a point system linked to measure the degree of correctness of draft picks which could be equated to matches … thus allowing for prizes to be awarded to the most accurate estimators …
    Coral Atlas

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  • Plugin Author AntoineH


    There are a couple of users that already use the plugin for NFL. Main problem is the prediction of the result. In NFL games the outcome can be hard to guess. There are several solutions for this: change the prediction to a form where players click the team that wins and only give points for the correct ‘pick’. I have some jQuery code that can do this for the standard form (it’s also somewhere on this forum).
    Another way I have seen, is let players just fill in ones and zeroes. One for the winning team and zero for the losing team. Give so-called toto points to them. And if they feel lucky, they may also try to guess the exact outcome for the full points.

    Thanks AntoineH – first thks much for the speedy response!!
    it’s actually a very different workflow … 32 teams each pick a player from a pool which constitutes a draft round …

    a “match” would be a unique team-player combination

    the point system could be used to measure the relative success of an individual or group making(matching) the selection of player to team …

    I thought portions of this app (mysql db,php, js) and (teams,matches,groups, venues etc) might be reengineered to accommodate that morph 😉 while retaining the point system to measure relative success and also storing the data on a per user basis

    I may be overly-imaginative however …;-) since I’m not a php/js programmer and it might be easier building it from scratch …-

    Plugin Author AntoineH


    I don’t think I completely understand your goal. But if you have a coder in your team, he will certainly be able to determine if he can use the plugin.

    Should warn you, though, I am not a coder. So your partner may very well conclude that the plugin is crap and unusable 🙂

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