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    Hi, Thanks for the awesome plugin!

    I’m having trouble with ad placement. It’s not very clear what settings I need to use, and I’ve tried several different configs with no success.

    Here’s what I want:
    1 ad inserted below the first paragraph
    1 ad inserted below the third paragraph

    Hold on, I think I figured it out!

    I strongly suggest changing the wording on this, as it is VERY confusing:
    “Paragraph number _____ 0 means random, value between 0 and 1 means relative position.”

    It could read:
    “Relative page position: _____ 0 = random position. Values between 0 and 1 determine location on page. e.g. 0.5 means halfway down the page”




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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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