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  • Hi,

    My “Alt Content Pool” ads are not showing up consistently when the Ad Blocker Plus extension/plugin is installed…my Alt Content Pool ads are just self-hosted images linked to various cloaked affiliate URLs, not something streamed from an outside server, and yet sometimes these ads appear and other times they do not!

    Any ideas, please? Thanks!!

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  • Plugin Author reviewmylife


    Hi AminkaOzmun, does Ad Blocker Plus provide any logs on what it is blocking and why? Could it be due to the names of the images, or maybe their sizes?

    When you don’t see the ads have you checked the pages HTML to see if the ads are actually there?


    Sorry, I should have noted that I’m talking about Ad Injection widgets, if that matters any…I’m using Adblock Plus (sorry again: I’d misspelled the extension’s name) with the Opera browser on two machines: one doesn’t display the Ad Injection widget titles at all and consistently ignores the whole widget (not even their titles can be seen) while the other only displays the Alt Content Pool ad units on occasion.

    I’ve now also noticed the same problems using Adblock Plus on Firefox and Chrome.

    Adblock Plus doesn’t provide any logs, though there’s an extension to the extension that does…I’ll run that as a last resort (hate getting all “technical”!) — but as per your other suggestion, I did check the webpage source codes in all the affected browsers and discovered that in Opera the Alt Content Pool height and width had been set to 1 pixel both!! So I went into my Ad Injection widgets and made sure every one had the proper height and width — but Opera, Firefox, and Chrome are still not displaying the Alt Content Pool images (hosted on my own site), despite the page source now properly listing them!

    One thing I also noticed…I use XHTML protocol in making sure that <IMG> is closed (“<IMG />“…with a forward slash) but the browsers’ page source codes render standard HTML (“<IMG>“…without a closing forward slash) — does that matter any? That’s the only difference I can find….

    Maybe the Adblock Plus extension is just really “smart” and has been written to detect words like “ad” and “ad injection” in the HTML???

    Sorry for the lengthy reply; I hope you can make sense of things and come up with some ideas as to what’s going on — ’cause I’m out of them myself!!

    Plugin Author reviewmylife


    It could well be that Adblock Plus is deliberately blocking the ads. That is what it is meant to do. I’m afraid I don’t really have anything useful to say that would help. But if you do find anything yourself do let us know.

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