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  • OK, now I am fully aware that there are a number of plugins that allow the insertion of Adsense, Amazon and a whole range of other affiliate codes into WP websites. Also, it is easy to just use php includes in WP template files to get advertising into Websites.

    However, I have not been able to find a plugin that allows the easy management of custom ad banners (NOT affiliates) for people that either just don’t what to look at code, or are totally baffled by it… yes, I mean normal users! I guess, what I mean is a plugin that does the following (or near enough!):

    1) Easy administration through standard WP admin panel integration

    2) Ability to upload jpeg/gif banner image(s)

    3) Ability to set associated link when clicked for the given banner image(s)

    4) Ability to ‘tag’ banner, so more than one format of banner ad can be handled and displayed, eg – ‘headerbanner’ ‘sideskyscraper’ ‘footerbutton’

    Other features that I’d love to be included are:

    a) Weighting of ads, so that you can control display frequency when rotating with others

    b) Basic display of click tracking, shown through admin panel.

    If any plugin developers are looking at this, I would be more than happy to contribute a small donation towards it’s development, also I’m a professional graphic designer and would be happy to exchange some work if you need something creating.

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  • I’m suprised someone hasn’t come up with a suggested plugin that does this kind of thing – as I said I have tried out a couple and checked out some ohters, but none seem to deal with the problem of someone that doesn’t have ANY coding knowledge being able to administer their banner adverts.

    Obviously, I can deal with inserting includes or plugin tags that will insert the ads where required, it’s more the ability to upload and admin banners from within the WP admin section that seems to be the issue.

    This seems like the kind of thing that many other users would find usefull – I have seen very similar functionality as I describe in Joomla, but as I have spent so long learning the ins and outs of WP it seems like a waste of time to switch when the only feature I can’t add is decent ad banner management!

    use phpAdsNew or an offshoot if you really need that level of functionality. it’s generally a bit more ‘heavy weight’ than the average user needs, but it’s really hard to build a system that does click tracking and weighted rotations and
    ‘tagged’ slots… without rebuilding phpAdsNew. 😉

    phpAdsNew has its own login/admin interface, but c’est la vie. what it does is manage banners, slots, and ‘campaigns’ (multiple banners from say one company), the ability to weight rotations, the ability to track clicks, the ability to limit a given ad to a certain total number of impressions (needed if you are ‘selling space’ ever..), etc.


    phpAdsNew looks great, and I see its released under the GPL – gotta lovem! I’ll try and get round to installing it and giving it a go.

    Ad banner upload, just simple jpeg and gif would be great – I have an idea…

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