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Actual Code for header image

  • I am using wp_head for my header. However, I can’t do anything; align the headers image, surround a div around it, nothing! Is there anyway I can find the actual code where the <img src thing is? I say this because I want to make the header two cells (divs) and put content in the cell on the right and put the image on the left. Thanks in advance. Ver. 2.1.


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  • Presentation>Theme Editor from the admin panel. You should have a “header.php” file listed to the right that will have all that information in it.

    Nope..the header.php file merely calls wp_head()…and the wp_head() function doesn’t do anything but add the header picture (somehow). I tried wrapping a <div align=”left”> tag around wp_head but to no avail. Ideas?


    That’s odd. I assume you’ve checked in the other .php files, in case they threw everything in one?

    Which theme are you using and what’s the link to your site?

    wp_head doesn’t have anything to do with what image is displayed. It’s a function that goes in the html <head>. Putting <div> tags around it will not only do nothing, but is invalid. Most likely the image in the header is set in the CSS stylesheet for your theme. It would be applied to a tag in the <body>.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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