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  • Yes, I experienced the same problem.
    When any media inserted, it won’t refresh automatically.
    The automatic refresh will only work if I use its original function: text only, without media.

    Is it a bug of newest version of BP Activity Plus?

    Recently I have another problem with a plugin. I tried many changes to the Dashboard, and I found that the problem is because of the theme I used. The problem was fixed when I used default WP theme. I like my previous theme, but I cannot find any other solutions.

    So I tried the BP Activity Plus funtionality again with default WP theme. Unfortunately, I still have to do manual refresh.
    Maybe, I should give up for now, since there haven’t any solutions everywhere yet.

    Thanks for sharing. I thought I was alone with this problem! Let’s hope it’s fixed in the next update.

    I’m noting this as a confirmed bug. I’m WPMU Staff and I can’t get it to update either!

    We’ll look into this and see if we can work out how to get it working.

    I’m seeing the same thing.

    It’s really good a someone from the WPMU Staff is looking into this, thanks @ellbristow.

    I’m also having this issue, and I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread for an update 🙂

    Hello there everyone,
    I know for a fact that the plugin developer has already started working on an update. I don’t have an ETA on it, but hopefully this issue will be resolved soon enough. 🙂


    Great to hear, thanks!

    I am also facing the same problem in my project. I used the below plugin( ).

    I can see the the activity stream updates(image upload, video or link) once refresh the page.

    In normal text updates, I can see the activity stream updates without refresh the page.

    Just I analysed these two cases in firefox firebug tool.

    Case 1:
    When a file upload and preview,
    action bpfb_preview_photo
    qqfile 67523_439076089512935_2038245205_n.jpg

    When Status update
    action bpfb_update_activity_contents
    content 50000
    data[bpfb_photos][] 67523_439076089512935_2038245205_n.jpg
    group_id 0
    visibility public


    action bpfb_remove_temp_images
    data bpfb_photos[]=67523_439076089512935_2038245205_n.jpg


    Case 2:
    bp_as_nonce _wpnonce_post_update a2607c4a1d
    action post_update
    content Hello

    HTML format( Activity streams )

    So In Case 1 the plugin should return HTML format( Activity streams ).

    I can verify this issue.
    As I mentioned on This plugin has not been updated in a long time but an update is coming soon that will fix a lot of issues. 🙂 Hopefully this one will be among them.


    Having the same issue. Looking forward receiving this update! Jack


    As soon as the update is available we will post back here to let you folks know.


    Hey there!
    I just wanted to let you know that we just updated the plugin yesterday, could you please check this new version and let us know if it fixes your issues?

    Tried it once.

    Works for me (with a web site link).

    Will know more as site members use it.


    Don’t know if this is a result of the activity plugin, or if it’s buddypress – why does the “Read More” open up into a new page, rather than just expanding the status update?

    Looks Good! Thx! Only found one issue. If you make use of à smartphone the url fill in fields aren’t lined out properly. Cheers, jack

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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