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    Hello, am using this plugin with wp 3.5.1 single and buddypress 1.6.3 group forum, working very well. Only problem is activity stream cannot display the formatted text.

    Example: This is a dog. (I underlined “is a”)

    Activity stream shows This dog.

    Any helps in this? Thanks for the great plugin.

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  • Plugin Author antonchanning


    Hmm yes, I’ve just done a test in my own activity stream and it has the same behaviour. How odd that I hadn’t noticed until now. I’ll have a look into this shortly…

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    Okay this WAS supported in the past, but something changed to break it. The latest version of ‘bbPress2 shortcode whitelist‘ plugin fixes this issue.

    You should be using that plugin anyway to make sure only approved shortcodes can be used by your users. Some wordpress/buddypress/bbpress built in shortcodes are not the kind of things you want appearing in comments or activity streams. As are some extension shortcodes that come with various plugins you might use.

    I have installed bbPress2 shortcode whitelist, but the activity stream still does not show the formatted text. Do you have any others suggestions?

    I use Buddypress Version 1.7 and WordPress 3.5.1

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    I’m currently running:
    Wordpress 3.5.1
    Buddypress 1.7
    bbPress BBCode 2.0
    bbPress2 shortcode whitelist 2.2.1

    For me BBCodes work in activity and activity replies. If these are your same versions, two things come to mind:

    1. Have you gone to the settings page for ‘Shortcode whitelist’ and enabled any shortcodes? If no, enable the ones you want. You can enable the BBCode plugins shortcodes with a single tick box.
    2. If yes, then the only other thing I can think of is a possible conflict with another plugin. You can disable each plugin in turn and see if the shortcodes start working. If they do, then there is a plugin conflict. Let me know which plugin and I’ll see if I can work out why.


    I’m using the same Versions like U do but it does not work. The settings has been done. On the settings-screen from bbPress2 BBCode I see a green windows, which says:
    BBCode is enabled and bbPress shortcode whitelist <; has been detected as activated. You and your users should be able to use BBCode in your blogs, comments and forums. All done

    Deactivating other plugins has no effect.

    Plugin Author antonchanning


    Okay, fair enough. I’ll have a look at a fresh install when I get a moment, with just these four plugins on it and see how that goes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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