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  • A couple of years ago I started a WordPress weblogging community at I basically provide a free WordPress hosting service to those whose lives have significantly crossed paths with opiates.

    If you look at my front page listing, you’ll see two sidebars with avatars/icons linking to the Junkylife weblogs. Typically, I was ordering these by senority, however with as many blogs as I’m hosting, I think it would only be fair to list these icons by order of activity. IE, the more you post, the higher your link and avatar is listed on the page.

    I’m not skilled enough to write something that will do this for me automatically. (I also contemplated simply randomizing the whole list on every page refresh, however I’ve unsure how to do this either.)

    What I was hoping for was some way to compare activity blog-to-blog via RSS? Like looking at a list that says – this blog has X many posts in the last 6 months, this one has X many, and so on.

    Would anyone know of a way to easily come up with these statistics? An RSS reader I’m not seeing? A simple script?

    Thanks in advance…..

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