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  • A local progressive activist is running for county supervisor and had a web page built by someone no longer available out of WP. We need someone who can make some simple changes quickly, add some new links, link to another page of basically text, that sort of thing. Someone in our area (Prescott, AZ) would be great but we’ll take a helper from wherever.


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  • Are you hiring or are you asking for “progressive” volunteers?
    If hiring – post a contact address.

    Volunteers. Not much time needed on changing the site, but all the campaign money’s been spent trying to get the word out. If anyone thinks they might be able to help I’ll give web page and contact info.


    You’re more likely to get some responses if you just post your contact info. Just an email address will do.

    Okay. NjemTcan-Njem. It’s a yahoo address.

    Dear moderators,

    No responses, so, do you think I could find someone to walk me through (by email or phone) adding a couple of links to the top of the page. There is neither calendar days nor hours in the day to learn WordPress. All my “spare” time is going into volunteering. We have some ads ready to come out that refer to further info on the web but can’t get big, bold “here’s the further info” links near the top.

    The site is I know a little about html. I made the page. The person who made the site is no longer available.


    Did you try the wp-pro list?

    Hadn’t seen that there was one. I’ll try there as well. Thanks.

    Njem, since you know HTML you can hack your wordpress theme. It might not be “proper” but you can put some simple links or buttons up-top.

    You know how to FTP into the server where your site is located right?

    Go in there, find WordPress folder > wp-content folder > themes folder. Do you know which Theme you are using? Find that theme’s folder.

    You can add some HTML in the header.php file (towards the end), and in the sidebar.php file (towards the top if you want).

    Open the file in a text editor. Find the right place. Write your HTML there, like referencing an image for a button, or just put a hyperlink.

    Just make a back-up of the file you’re going to change first (in case something goes wrong), and try to look at the code in the file so that you put your stuff in approximately the right place.

    You should easily be able to add some new buttons in the top of the Sidebar, or quite possibly up top with your nav buttons.

    if you have more specific questions then ask here

    Thanks. With your suggestion and some other tips we are making a little progress.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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