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  • Hi, the plugin works great save one thing. I have configured my blog so that I have a few images preceeding some associated text, much like a bullet point list but where the bullets are images (not to be enlarged). After this I have another image which I would like to have the ability to enlarge.

    Now, if the plugin is inactive the formatting of the text is very nice. Once activated however, the associated texts (the “bullet point” texts) get indented by something roughly equivalent to a tab-indent in word. This is not wanted and I wonder if there is a way around this issue?

    (I have added the nofx=”true” attribute to the bullet point images)

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  • Plugin Author huntermaster


    If you know how to use CSS you can make the image and text fit nicely any way you want; the default style is to add a class called img to the surrounding <div> and you can use the admin to add more classes as well.

    You can add something like the following to your theme’s style.css file:

    div.img { padding-right: 3px; display: inline }

    or anywhere in your post:

    <style>div.img { padding-right: 3px; display: inline }</style>

    Also, if you don’t want any formatting at all, you can use the asis attribute:

    <img src="" asis="true">

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