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  • I’m having a couple of problems with the menu, that I really hope you can help me out with.
    Even if I don’t mind fiddling in the files when I’m guided, and can write jQuery on a complete beginners stage, I’m in no wayan adept developer, so please bear with me.

    I’m re-creating a (complicated) site from normal html to WP and am almost done, but I’m having some menu problems. Have a look here (test-site):

    It’s kind of a special setup, as the client had galleries within pages, as well as a “navigation” that you see to the right and left in the middle of the page (the white circles with arrows).

    The “subgalleries: for instance has 3 pages – use the arrow to the right – with each their background, thus functioning like a gallery, even if it’s pages… When one reaches the end of the gallery (that is only 3 pages in this example) you can see in the menu, that you move on to a different submenu item.
    Now, the problem is specifically when one moves away from the “Uncontrolled logging” part of the menu via the arrows, then the “active” state stays on “uncontrolled logging”, even if one has moved on to i.e. “Location” or the “Fundation” submenu item.

    Also, when using the arrows, the menu when moving away from the “About Leaota” main menu item, the menu stays open.
    How on earth do I fix that?

    It seems a bit like the script does not reload completely (like a forced F5 or something), and thus the “active” state is not removed.

    The same goes for the logo to the bottom left of the page. When one clicks on that one, it does take you to the “main page” (as can be seen in the url) but the menu stays open and keeping obsolete active-states…

    Please help… 🙂

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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