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  • Hi,
    I have realized that after I activated this plugin, all my renamed posts now return 404 error instead of smooth redirection to a new URL. Normally (without this plugin) it internally redirects all old URL’s to new ones. e.g.: gets later new article name and new url Without this plugin the WordPress internally redirects all users from the old URL to a new one. As soon as I activated this plugin all the internal redirections stopped to work.

    Looks that the plugin takes higher preference than the internal one. Is there any chance to keep the internal redirection with the higher preference and then use the Redirection Plugin rules?


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  • There is a setting in options that seems to be on by default. URL Monitoring. If you turn that off it will not track changes. This one threw me for a loop too. Once you have turned off you may want to look through your redirect_items table and delete any problematic ones manually.

    Every now and then I face a redirect loop and it is usually due to having been unaware of the URL Monitoring setting being on for the first month or so of my site’s life, while we were building architecture and renaming things like crazy. Deleting the offending redirect from the table solves this.

    I also noticed that redirection’s URLs are case and trailing slash sensitive. WP’s default redirect method is much cleaner. Otherwise this is a handy plugin.

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