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  • MattV


    As mr Wilde said: “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”



    Since you know the value of everything, Mr. MattV, go ahead and buy the plugin ­čÖé

    If you are serious about producing professional work, $25 is a drop in the Ocean. Don’t forget that this is a on-off cost and lets you use it on as many websites as you like.

    Sorry but you have to admit that 25$ for lets say a private blog/site that isnt generating any money (in other words “used non-commercial”) is not really appropiate.

    Cool people let others use their software for free as long as those arent making a profit of it.

    I think people want something for nothing these days. If you need to pay $25 to support your hobby then that is a tiny expense and well worth it.

    You should get one star for your vote! If you want to get everything for free, just hire some slaves. There are some people on the world who want to live from their work.

    hear hear mahype


    You guys are hilarious, I just cant laugh about that ­čśÉ

    OpenOffice, Google, Gimp, Blender, so many institutions offer high quality software for free and they are still making money through various ways, somehow or other (and they certainly deserve it!). Or they dont earn money, they work voluntary, just because they like their hobby and want to give something to the world.

    Its one thing to demand money for good, important and relevant work, but another to rip off people for basic features others offer for much less or even free, just like this particular example: a repeatable field.

    Why buy something that is available for free elsewhere? This is not about honor, this is not about “slavery” or not knowing the value of something, its a question of common sense.

    I hope all you internet yuppies with dollar signs in your eyes will wake up some day and realize that the majority of people cant spend big money for trivial stuff like WordPress plugins.

    And just to get this straight, its the right of somebody to demand money for his work of course, everybody needs money. But dont get confused or mad when people choose a free alternative instead, because.. you know… everybody needs money :/


    I think this is where the line between amateur and professional is clear.

    You obviously have very limited knowledge of what goes into the creation and maintenance of a premium plugin. It is a massive task and one that demands a lot of time and effort.

    The very fact you call $25 big money and WordPress plugins trivial clearly displays your lack of understanding of what it’s like being a web professional and the industry in general.

    If you want a free plugin then fine, if you want a premium plugin that has proper support and consistent updates then you have to pay a little money.

    This is exactely the point you are missing here. You consider 25$ no big money but the majority of people on the internet do, so “so-called” premium plugins for WordPress (or any software) have a limited audience anyway.

    So who cares? Nobody is wrong, but one side is certainly acting extremely arrogant right now.

    OP was apparently not a “so-called” Web Professional. Maybe he is a casual WordPress user like me, who was looking for a free alternative (thankfully he posted a link) to this plugin. The one star rating is certainly a bit rash, but if you think about it.. you are happy to find a useful plugin, you install it, you create some stuff and then you realize: OH, the function that would have made this plugin really useful in the first place is available for an amount of money I would have never considered to pay for something like that.

    If you cant understand that even a bit then we should just forget the whole thing (at least that is what I will do now).

    And by the way, I am usually not the guy who starts discussions on the internet because of the simple fact that I cant stand the behaving of certain ruthless folks that vehement insist on their one-sided opinions and act like they are some big shots.

    I recognize that my post is very provocative. But is it normal to give all your software for free? Not everyvody is Google or something else who can provide all their software for free and calculating to get a benefit for it. This are companies which are calculating with millions or Billions.

    Software companies or software developers who are really good and providing their software in a little way have decide their way to go to get their benefit.

    OK, you can try it with a “Donate” Button but what you will get back? The most people are taking the software and they are not disposed to pay anything for it. Thats my experience.

    If you want to give away a part of your software for free, you have to decide where is the border where you earn money with your software and you have to set the point that you will have enough to live and you have enough money to concentrate on the product and you are able to get further developements.

    It’s not the best to try to take the money for a work like the multiple fields. In that way I’m fine with you. But you have to give the freedom to the people who are providing a big part of their software for free and where they set the point where they earn money with it.

    But do I have to vote the whole Idea and the whole plugin so much down with one star? That’s not fair.

    You can write to the developers. You can discuss with them about their pholisophy. But writing them down and doing bad propaganda against them, because all your needs are fulfilled is exactly the wrong way to handle such problems.

    $25 is nothing to pay, especially for a plugin that is kept so up to date with features being added all the time.

    The core of the plugin is free anyway! There’s a ton of functionality there that Elliot gives away, I think it’s only fair to ask for some money to cover the hours he’s obviously spending on it.

    You wouldn’t go to work and be happy with a blank pay check would you?

    The license is incredibly generous as well – Gravity Forms (another really good plugin) is $200 (and that’s per year if you want to keep support), this is $25 for additional functionality forever across an infinite number of sites.

    Plugin Author elliotcondon


    Hey guys,

    Thanks for the support but I would like to end this thread as its feeling a tad like a personal attack.

    ACF is a professional developers tool for freelancers and agencies to use WP as a premium CMS product.

    $25 (for a multi-site license) is not big money. If you were to use expression engine, the repeater field (or matrix field) is around $70 on each install.

    That said, yes, most of WP’s plugins are free so If thats what you want, please go and find one. Don’t sit on this thread and complain or accuse developers of “ripping off people”. That’s not what’s going on here at all.


    can somebody tell me where to put my licence code in version 4 please!?!

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