• Help Email Subcribers,

    I just did a test to sign up for a new account on the site as a new member. it need to activate a link from the email was sent.

    Oh my, the activate link from this plugin completely TOOK OVER the site register activation link ?

    The setting is set “Double Opt In” AND “Subscriber welcome email” (YES).

    Please advise big time Help! Thanks


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  • Hi Email Subscribers,

    I did a testing again and this time I disabled this plugin and the site activation email did went to my email address.

    Yep, apparently, this plugin really BLOCKING and TOOK OVER the default site register activation email.

    Anyway this can be fix so I can re-use the great plugin again?

    Please advise, thanks

    Plugin Author storeapps



    Which user type is registering on your site? Subscriber or any other user type?
    Because we tested with default Subscriber user role and the email is getting sent to both, subscriber and admin.

    Hi storeapps,

    The admin side is A OK, I tested, sending emails its all good and don’t need to activate any email link on the admin side btw.

    Instead getting the registered email link from the site, this plugin SENT email instead and say:
    “We have received a request to subscribe this email address to receive newsletter from our website”

    The admin side is A OK, but as I am the end user btw, I did few other testing from the website using different emails addresses to registered with, all came out the same!

    So I disabled this email subscribers plugin, did another register, got an email instantly from the website to activate my account! So is the plugin is BLOCKING and TAKING OVER the site activation email.

    Please help, thanks

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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