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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Yes, if you have setup the plugin to allow the user to create a password at registration, the password is not reset at activation. That means you have created a password field in the plugin’s field management tab.

    If you use that in conjunction with moderated registration, it is important to note that you will need to change the default emails that go out. In that configuration, if you send the user their login credentials, you cannot send the password at activation (since it is already encrypted in the db by that point). You would need to send login creds are registration.

    I can verify that the custom password input, upon registration, works properly. I was able to create an account with a custom password when the “moderate registration” was disabled.

    You are saying that if I remove this short code from the “user is approved” email:

    Username: [username]
    Password: [password]

    and add it to the “registration is moderated” email, it will not create a system-generated password, even after I active the user? I attempted to do this. From the user side I received my username and custom password, but after the admin activated the profile, the custom password did not work. Any suggestions?

    Website reference:

    I can also provide admin access if that would help troubleshoot.

    Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for being persistent (and patient)! It seems that there is a problem with this in both 2.8.0 and 2.8.1.

    Just to bring you up to speed on where we are so far – the 2.8.x project focuses mostly on rebuilding the admin side of the plugin.

    In 2.7.7, the user profile update function had a flag $chk_pass that told the activation function whether or not it needed to create a password with activation or not. That seems to have disappeared in 2.8.0 when some of the logic in the user update function was rewritten.

    I’ll produce a patch, apply that to 2.8.2 and also post instructions on applying the patch to 2.8.1.

    Thank you so much!! For the time being I’ll just go ahead and monitor user registrations without requiring activation. Once 2.8.2 is up I’ll give it a demo and see if we can get it up and running.

    Once last question… I now have a large group of past members who are grandfathered into the wp-members database as unactivated users. How can I activate all my previous registrants without sending out a “user is approved” email? I’m worried this will confuse them and show users I’m fiddling with accounts on the backend.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I updated the 2.8.2 beta to RC4 today. That includes a number of fixes including this one you and I were discussing. It is a beta release, but it is stable. It is just in need of testing prior to official release, so maybe you’d like to give it a go?

    Here’s the release announcement with notes on the beta release candidates.

    As for the question about shutting down the “user is approved” email when you do the existing users… there isn’t an official way to do that. However, if you empty the user approved email from the emails tab, I think that nothing will be sent. So you could do that for when you activate existing users, then reinstate the email content for moving forward. (I think that will work, but you should test it first to make sure.)

    I’ll test out the 2.8.2 beta now and let you know what I find out. Thanks for updating so quickly! In addition I’ll empty the approved email and see what happens. Send you some updates shortly.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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