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    whenever I activate the Blue Origami CRM plugin, the headings in the admin section change font. Once I deactivate the plugin, they are back to normal. This is a bit annoying since the new font is much less readible than the standard font.

    By the way, the plugin sections (e.g. where you can add new contacts, etc.) also use the new font, which – because of its unreadibility – makes using the plugin much less fun. Why doesn’t the plugin just leave fonts as they are?




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  • Plugin Author Renaud Hamelin



    this is a UI choice in order to use condensed font to allow more characters on a line

    this font was choosed carefully and I know some peoples don’t like if we dont use default font but that was an important choice for us.
    I think default fonts are much too wide.

    By default it was supposed to touch only the part relative to our plugin page and not other parts.

    BUt we will always keep a non default and condensed font, thats part of our concept choices


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