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    I’m having trouble getting my head around the supposed Image Widget that comes built in with WordPress. I’ve read a number of articles explaining how it works, but for some reason I do not have it displayed in my Widgets area (both the Active and Inactive widget section).

    Can somebody explain to me whether I need to somehow ‘activate’ this widget if I am using a custom theme, and if so, how?

    Thank you very much!

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  • Michael


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    the supposed Image Widget that comes built in with WordPress

    where is that information coming from?
    it might be referring to (?)

    (afaik) does not have a default image widget;

    you could install the jetpack plugin to get an image widget, or install any other image widget plugin…

    This is what I suspected, but reading this blog article from WordPress is quite misleading:

    Image Widget

    It suggests that there is a standard image widget built in…



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    there is a difference between and and

    as I suspected, your referenced source is from and therefore only applies to .com

    That’s interesting. I didn’t even realize there was a .com image widget. I’ve actually talked to some of the folks who run .org about including our image widget in the core but they had a bunch of UI requests that I thought were sort of silly.

    Well it’s definitely something that should be put in there, especially since the functionality is already set up for .com.

    Thanks guys

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