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  1. gmsdesignworks
    Posted 4 years ago #

    i have a shortcode set up to pull an MP3 file list from my database which works pretty well. i've figured out how to get that list to populate including commas (,) between each file address. what i'm needing to do at this point is get that list to show up between the [pro-player][/pro-player] shortcode tags as a playlist inside my post. but when i try to insert the shortcode for the file list, ProPlayer only inserts the file list shortcode and not the list itself.

    here's what i've tried so far:

    1. i've tried just going the shortcode route for everything (as stated above) which, of course, didn't work.

    2. i've tried creating a shortcode that incorporates the PHP coding method for everything, but i keep coming up with errors, because the PHP coding for the file list is apparently conflicting with the coding for ProPlayer.

    3. and finally, i've tried the do_shortcode method within the shortcode i've created. i'm able to get the player window to show up with that, but it keeps saying it can't find the file(s) or access is denied.

    here is the code that has gotten me the closest to where i want to be. the problem is, it doesn't fill in as a playlist. it only creates separate players for each song. eventually, there are going to a lot of files and i'd rather they show up as a playlist in one player as opposed to multiple players.

            $array = get_cforms_entries();
            foreach( $array as $e )
                 print insert_proplayer(
                    "width" => "530",
                    "height" => "500",
                    "playlist" => "bottom",
                    "type" => "mp3"
                 'http://gmstemp.dyndns.biz/radiorevnet/wp-content/music/' . $e['data']['MP3 Upload[*1]']

    so to sum up...what i'm needing to do is pull an MP3 file list from my database and have it populate a playlist inside a single ProPlayer window. i'm not averse to going the strict PHP route and forgoing the shortcodes, but i'm by no means an expert, so you're probably going to have to explain it to me like i'm a 5 year old...:-)




  2. royho
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I also need to input shortcodes within the pro-player shortcode as I have a shortcode that spits out the current domain name which is very useful as when you change domains, it will still pull the video from the correct domain without having to edit each video output manually.

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