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  • I am using for hosting.
    I have the Parabola theme.

    I use a few plugins, some of which include:
    and a few others. I don’t want to name them all, but in all It is about 12.

    When they are all activated, I receive errors such as:
    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 22544384) (tried to allocate 207 bytes) in /homepages/42/d501887427/htdocs/wp-includes/…….

    That one in particular came from when I went to “add new post”. A blank white screen shows up with the error.
    I have done some troubleshooting of my own, such as deactivating different plugins, or changing my theme to a 2014 WP Theme.
    I have done some research and have read mostly that people seem to have problems with their hosting and php size limits that can cause this issue. While I might be answering my own question, what I am trying to find out is what others have experienced.

    Do others from 1and1 have this same problem?
    Does anybody recommend another hosting site that doesn’t have php size limits?
    Is php size limits actually my problem?

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  • I’m dealing with a very similar problem with a site hosted by 1and1.

    I tried increasing php memory allocation with .htaccess, php.ini, wp-config.php, and default-constants.php as suggested on other threads but no luck. Seems 1and1 holds the reins. What confuses me is that my phpinfo.php page shows a decent limit: memory_limit 120M 120M.

    I have another WP site with numerous active plugins that is swimming along fine, hosted by DreamHost. I am dreading telling my client he may need to upgrade or switch hosting– it’s a tiny website with a simple events calendar. Hopefully someone out there has experienced a solution or can point out what I’m misunderstanding.

    I am currently migrating my wordpress site to GoDaddy to see how it goes. When it is done, I will post if it solves my problems or not.

    @ccrunner266 any luck? GoDaddy wouldn’t be my host of choice.

    Have you used the plugin TPC! Memory Usage? It shows me I have 120M limit for PHP, 120M allocated to WP and my max actual usage was 21.5M.

    So despite seemingly ample 120M memory allocations, I get the “Fatal error: Out of memory message” on my Dashboard’s WordPress News section, on All-in-one Event Calendar’s Settings page and Calendar Feed page, and everything stops working when I try activating Jetpack.

    Good successful news in my case!

    1and1 support initially tried to tell me I needed to upgrade hosting packages. I’m glad I pressed on to ask why when I was only using 21.5M of the 30M allowed. Earlier I put the php.ini file in the general wordpress folder. The support guy put a php.ini file in the wp-admin folder instead. Fatal error messages in my Dashboard and such are now gone.


    Those were the same type of errors I was seeing. I tried all of the tricks with trying to increase memory. I even used a few plugins to try and help.

    I have finally migrated/cloned my site over to a GoDaddy domain (a small WordPress hosting option they offered). I just needed to see if it would help. I eventually moved it over, and I will state how in a later post here.

    I activated all my plugins that I use. NO ERRORS. None. It is such a relief. I was on 1and1 for about 4 months. From the very beginning I kept running into this problem. I thought it was just the plugins clashing with each other. My theme, Parabola, kept saying it had jQuery issues. Now it works awesomely.

    I can’t say for 100% that all my problems are solved, but it sure looks like it. Tomorrow I will do some more testing and post more about it.

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