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    I have one WP site on my server that will not let me activate Bulletproof mode on the root .htaccess file. I have around 50 other WP sites on this same server that are running BP just fine. Same plugins, just different custom theme. BP error log remains empty. Here is what happens:

    1. I click Create default.htaccess file for Standard WP
    2. I click Create secure.htaccess file
    3. I activate Root BP mode
    4. I activate wp-admin BP mode
    5. I activate BPS Master BP mode
    6. I activate BPS Backup BP mode

    After all of this, I look at Security Status and it states:

    The htaccess file that is activated in your root folder is:

    Either a BPS htaccess file was NOT found in your root folder or you have not activated BulletProof Mode for your Root folder yet, Default Mode is activated, Maintenance Mode is activated or the version of the BPS Pro htaccess file that you are using is not the most current version or the BPS QUERY STRING EXPLOITS code does not exist in your root htaccess file. Please view the Read Me Help button above.

    wp-config.php is NOT htaccess protected by BPS

    √ Deny All protection activated for BPS Master /htaccess folder
    √ Deny All protection activated for /wp-content/bps-backup folder

    The htaccess file that is activated in your wp-admin folder is:

    If I just re-click Root BP mode, it does update the .htaccess file temporarily but it gets reset back to the default as soon as another page is accessed on the site. Any idea what is causing the problem?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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