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  • I’m using The Events Calendar (TEC) on WP 5.4.

    I had activated the “Block Editor for Events” a while ago, and yesterday I was updating an event which had been cancelled because of the virus situation.

    When viewing the event on the front-end, however, it contains only the event title. All of the information about date, venue, organiser and so on was missing.

    By tracing through the code on a test site, I found that TEC was overwriting the “single-event.php” template with “silence.php”, which is an empty file … hence there being no event details to see on the front end. It does this with a filter that checks to see if the post contains blocks. If it does, then it uses that empty “silence” template.

    If I uncheck the option to use the Block Editor, the event is correctly displayed.

    I then went on to try creating a brand new event using the Block Editor, but again, the front end shows me only the event’s title.

    I’m left with the opinion that the Block Editor simply isn’t working at the moment. I’ve certainly turned it off on my live site now.

    Has anyone successfully used the Block Editor for events? What other settings are necessary to avoid the problems I’ve been having?

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    Following up on this – I have a test site with TEC installed, so I tried enabling the Block Editor and updated an event. No problem – the event displays correctly on the front end.

    I then updated TEC to, refreshed the front-end page, and now the event is displayed only with its title and a description paragraph 🙁 There’s no venue info, no organiser info, no date info. It’s presumably using that “silence” template, but I’ve not delved into the detail.

    Looks like a bug has been introduced between and

    For now I shall revert to on my live site.

    I’m having the same problem.

    If I switch the template for TEC to ‘Default Events Template’ then I can all the info again, but then it bypasses our theme’s template and everything else important that we’d like to get rendered on the page.

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    Thanks for confirming, @mikedaul . I’ve also seen that @stevehanlon has the same issue, and that the “Default Events Template” was the suggested solution.

    Unfortunately, that’s not a good solution for me – that default events template is full width, for a start, and I’m not prepared to get into all the changes I’d need to do in order to make it work with my site. I need to use the default page template.

    As I mentioned, this was not a problem in TEC, so something’s been broken in I can only hope that someone at Modern Tribe is aware of the issue and can sort it out.

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    Just to add that the problem only affects events that I have created or updated with TEC If the event was created with or earlier, then it appears correctly on the front end regardless of the block editor setting.

    I wonder if it’s something to do with this “known issue”?

    Thread Starter Martin Taylor


    I’ve now been able to track the issue through the code, and discovered that in TEC, a change was made to common\src\functions\template-tags\post.php

    There’s a function “tribe_get_the_content”, which used to have this unconditional statement:
    $content = apply_filters( 'the_content', $content );

    In, it’s been put inside an “If”, like this:

    if ( ! doing_filter( 'the_content' ) ) {
      /* comment lines */
      $content = apply_filters( 'the_content', $content );

    That “if” condition is causing most of the content to be lost on the front end. If I remove the condition and leave apply_filters to be executed unconditionally, then the front-end display is OK.

    Hope this at least helps someone at Modern Tribe to fix the issue.

    Looks like you’ve done some good investigation. I’ll have to give your fix a try, though annoying that TEC aren’t acknowledging this.

    All of us in this thread have the same issue:

    Plugin Author András Guseo


    Hi @docdunning

    Thanks for reporting this issue and for digging into it. I have created an internal bugticket and flagged it as well to the devs. I hope we’ll be able to get this fixed in our next release. Will keep you posted.


    Plugin Support Jaime



    We just wanted to let you know that a fix has been released for this issue!

    Please try updating and let us know if you are experiencing any further issues. As always, we recommend running updates on your staging site before doing so on your live site, just to be on the safe side.

    Thanks again for your patience while we worked on getting this fixed!



    @jaimemarchwinski @aguseo

    I, too, just noticed that my events detail has gone missing when viewing an event, although for some of the older events it is still there. I have read through both this thread and the thread mentioned in @adbowp’s last message. I tried switching to the Default Event Template – no change. I REALLY do not want to have to dive into editing the post.php file to get this to work.

    I am running WP 5.5.1 with TEC version 5.1.6 with TEC Pro version 5.1.4.

    I suspect that while this bug may have been fixed as @jaimemarchwinski indicated almost 4 months ago, it has once again been broken.

    My events are all online streaming events and I need my visitors to have access to the URL so they can watch.

    Please advise ASAP.

    Nancy Graziano

    Plugin Support Jaime


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