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  • we all know how to ctivate a theme – I hope – but what about doing stuff after a theme loads?

    For example, you get a new theme, you accidently, for what ever readon deleted the cutom folder and files inside. How would you, upon activation say – do stuff.

    if activated, do stuff. – the stuff I have done, its checking if theme is activated ot not.

    Also Does a theme, when updated via the repository (assuming your theme is stored there) deactivate during update process then reactivate? if not what steps do i need to take to say “after upgrade do this…”

    Both of these only need to happen ONCE.

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  • Good Guy


    Not sure I understand your question but you have to learn to work with Child themes so that you don’t mess around with the original theme. Try this link first:


    that does not help for one. I am developing my own theme and when the user activates it I need it to do stuff and do it once, it also needs to do it after the theme is updated.

    I essentially need to run a function that checks for things after activation and after the theme is updated but run only ONCE.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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