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  • Same problem here. Cannot find the options page for the plugin, actually can’t find the plugin at all…

    I have the plugin in ‘plugins’ just no idea where to change settings.

    Beginning to think that’s it’s not really compatible with 3.4.2.



    Same issue here. Running 2.0.1 on 3.4.2

    It does not show up on 3.4.2 for me either. I rolled back to 1.8.1 and everything is fine again.

    The rewritten plugin is not ready yet for us, at least under 3.4.2

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


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    Hi all. Sorry, for some reason, I didn’t get email or RSS notification of this thread.

    You should find the settings page under Dashboard -> Settings -> cbnetdppp Options.

    Please let me know if you don’t find it there. I tested it exclusively under 3.5-RC, but there shouldn’t be any issues with 3.4.x.

    Hi Chip,

    I’m sorry but it’s not there. The plugin is in the plugin section (activated), but the settings are nowhere to be found.

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


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    I’ve uploaded a screencap of the settings page.

    You don’t see anything under Dashboard -> Settings?

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    Another question: are you, by chance, using a username that is not an Administrator?

    I get what you mean, but unfortunately no. All the other plugin settings pages are there but not this one.

    Maybe it’s because we upgraded the plugin simply by replacing the old one?

    On the second question; Also no. I’m the sole administrator.
    It’s not my first WordPress website and know my way around the admin things but it’s really not there.

    No. I deinstalled completely and yet there is no settings in the options. Something gets broken with 2.x while 1.8.1 works

    Hmm, well, then that’s not the problem either. Seems to me like a 3.4.x issue or ownership issue why it’s stays hidden.

    Plugin Author Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    I think I found a typo (silly search-replace error), that would cause the problem. Though, I have no idea why it isn’t breaking for me.

    Anyway, would one of you mind testing something for me?

    In the options.php file, line 434, can you change:




    …and let me know if that fixes the problem?


    It worked! Yay! Thank you!

    I hate problems like this, when it turns out to bit just the smallest thing, in a hard to find place.

    Thanks again.

    Nice! Will try soon.

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