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[Resolved] Activated Jetpack – Site Is Missing!!!

  • Extremely Urgent!

    Yesterday I installed the Jetpack Plugin on my WordPress 3.5 site with the Karma theme latest version.

    Installed fine, activated fine. The plugin instructed me to open a WordPress.com account to activate additional features. When I activated the wordpress.com account my site completely vanished. the only thing you see is the favicon on the browser tab and a blank page. When you inspect the page you see there is no code.

    I cannot even access WordPress Admin Panel.

    My site is hosted by Host Gator and I never had any intention of transferring my domain to WordPress. In all of what I read and selected during the creation of the WordPress.com account I never saw anything that indicated that was what I was doing.

    I need my site back asap, as I have time to work on it now, but the time will be gone.

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  • esmi


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    Extremely Urgent!

    With all due respect, the vast majority of posts on these forums are urgent. Your problem is no more urgent than theirs.

    Creating/activating a wordpress.com account will not have caused an issue on your site for the simple reason that the two are not connected. What you have experienced is almost certainly pure coincidence. Have you contacted your hosts to see if they are experiencing any problems with your server?

    No because it happened the second I activated the account. I am certain it is not at all related to the server, but I will check. This is the first time I have ever used your forum. I am not a site developer, so that is why I am using WordPress.

    I need your help, but I have to say the comment about my use of Extremely Urgent was not at all called for. People have urgent issues I am sure, but I have no site at all and can’t even access the admin panel. So please, take my comments within their context and refrain from passing along your frustrations to me. Are you not considered Customer Service/Support? If so, then consider what good service is!

    I will post back momentarily after checking with Host Gator, which is something you could have done yourself as an element of good Customer Service. I see why you are called Diva.



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    There is no Customer Service/Support here. WordPress is free software and this free, volunteer-staffed forum is the only support resource available via wordpress.org. If that is not suitable for your needs, then you could always try another resource or try hiring someone.

    Wait time for Host Gator estimated 20 minutes. The fact that you can access the url without an error message, and that the favicon displays in the browser tab, and that an inspection of the page reveals no code…..should be enough for you to rule out it being a Server issue.

    Thank you for volunteering your time. If you receive no form of direct payment or benefit from your time here through making social connections with people that “hire” someone, then you have my very sincere thanks for the time you devote.

    I have been involved in business for ALL my life (50 years), and WordPress maybe free software, and provide some free services, but the free stuff generates a revenue stream which is substantial in size………or they wouldn’t continue to exist. WordPress does not provide all of this free software and support simply out of the kindness of their hearts. So please save me the free line of code…..

    Chat ID: 7404205. Question: I am using a WordPress site. Activated one of their plugins yesterday which required creating a wordpress.com account to activate all the features. When I did my site crashed completed, vanished. Nothing shows but the favicon in the browser page. They have asked me to verify with you if there are any issues with my server. Can you please check, so I can confirm to them I have verified with you?
    (6:50:44am)System:Customer has entered chat and is waiting for an agent.
    (7:04:16am)Casey H.:Welcome to HostGator Live Chat! My name is Casey. Give me a moment to review your inital question.

      (7:05:14am)Casey H.:There is no issue with your server.

    Will you now PLEASE progress to the next step. It is not a server issue.



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    WordPress is 100% free. Your comments are hardly conducive to eliciting help from any of the volunteers here, so I would recommend that you try hiring someone to look into this.

    Good luck. 🙂

    You have my sincere apology. It was very early in the morning my time when this started, and I had today to get work done on the site. Understandably, I was frustrated that it had crashed and was causing me delays. I should not have taken my frustration out on you. I am sorry.

    Can you please correct my problem, or have someone else correct it. Please?



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    Ok – let’s start again…

    Can you confirm that your self-hosted WordPress site crashed at the moment you activated an account on wordpress.com?

    Sorry for the delay. I found an email message I received from support that said the white screen of death was likely caused by the plugin. He said to access my site vie ftp disable all plugins by renaming the plugins folder to plugins_old.

    The exact activity I was performing at the moment I cannot say with 100% certainty, but I believe I had just created the wordpress.com account went back to my plugins screen and hit activate for the additional jetpack functions. Then it all went white with only my favicon showing in the browser tab.

    I do not know how to connect to the site vie FTP to follow his instructions.

    Also just to be clear, because I’m not familiar with the lingo. My site is with Host Gator.



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    – switching to the default theme by renaming your current theme’s folder inside wp-content/themes and adding “-old” to the end of the folder name using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    This will automatically deactivate all plugins and switch the site over the the WordPress default theme.

    Ok I got into the file through Host Gator and renamed the plugins file with .hold after it. I am now able to access the wp-admin. Tried going into installed plugins to deactivate jetpack, and got white scree again.

    If I simply delete the jetpack plugin folder from the directory will that remove all of it’s components?

    Sorry again. Apparently this screen does not refresh automatically when you enter a post. I didn’t see your post until just now when I entered my last.

    So I explored more on my own.

    I don’t want to have to go back and download all the plugins I had unless I absolutely must?



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    If you check the link in my previous posts, you’ll be able to deactivate all plugins. The keyword were is “deactivate” – not delete.

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