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  1. bohemme
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Well, I have this blog where I have to activate plugin "Sendit" for both Administrators (which already can use it) AND authors, but I don't know how to or what to modify. There are others plugins that let you assign the minimum user level to access to that plugin, or you can use a custom var min-level, but, how can do this in such a case like this?!
    I've tried asigning other user levels and capabilities via Role Manager, but with no luck.
    How is a plugin set for only one or several types of users?
    Please help me and thanks for in advance.

  2. bohemme
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok, I found it. In the lines of code that create the access to this plugin in the menu bar:
    add_menu_page(__('Send', 'sendit'), __('Newsletter', 'sendit'), 8, __FILE__, 'invianewsletter');
    There is a number (8) that represents the minimum level a user must have to see this (or any other) plugin, so changing it from 8 to 5 made it! Hope this helps someone out in similar circumstances. :)

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